Alkaline Cleanse
Alkaline Cleanse
Alkaline Cleanse
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Alkaline Cleanse

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When it comes to alkaline foods, not many can top the Queen Grape! Acid forming substances in the body don't stand a chance when matched up against the Grape!

If you're looking to get a deep cleanse throughout your entire body, the 'ALKALINE CLEANSE' is for you!


    1. Sweet Red
    2. Grape Lemonade

Cleanses are offered by 3, 5 and 7 days and come with your choice of one Nut Based Mylk for each day. If you want different Mylks for each day just add a note with the flavors you'd like which you can do on the 'Cart' page. If you'd like to just try 1 day to start, you can do so with the 'Create Your Own Box'. Click HERE to customize your 1 day cleanse.

Disclaimer: Before doing a cleanse you should always consult with a medical professional. This information is not medical advice.

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