JDM Business Calculator

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The JDM Business Calculator is a customized Google Spreadsheet that tracks all of the most used numbers in your Juice Delivery Business.

Receive the following when you purchase the JDM Business Calculator:

  • Grocery List Calculator: No need to waste time writing out a grocery list for each and every order(s) you receive. Save time by easily punching in how many flavors of each juice you have and boom there you have it a Grocery list with all of your produce amounts and even an estimated price that you will spend on that produce run based off of current prices.
  • Cost of Goods Calculator: Find out how much juice is costing you so that you can know where to price each flavor.
  • Profit Margin Calculator: Once you have your Cost of Goods, you will then be able to use the Profit Margin section to show investors, banks, etc. what your Profits are looking like.