Telegram Monthly Support Group

Looking to connect with health conscious individuals for that extra accountability? We have just what you're looking for!

Get access to Julian and everyone else in this amazing community as we all help each other level up our health each and everyday.

What's included in the group you ask?

  1. - Access to me 24/7. You can tag me in any messages and I will respond in as timely a manner as I can.
  2. - A FREE 7 Day Plant Based Meal Plan that will include a Grocery List and 25+ step-by-step recipes.
  3. - I'll be going live every week at 5:00pm EST to chat, answer questions or talk about new topics I've come across that we can all implement to our lifestyle!
  4. - What I'm eating/drinking on a daily basis.
  5. - Interviews hosted by myself w/ other Health minded influencers so we can learn from their journey.
  6. - ...and anything else I come across that may be helpful for you on your journey towards better Health!