1. What is the difference between Blending and Juicing, aren't they the same?

Not necessarily! Both are very healthy options for our diet, but there is a vast difference between the two.
Blending is the process of mixing or combing multiple substances such as strawberries and bananas while keeping all parts of the ingredients in tact.
Juicing on other hand is the separation of the juice in a specific substance from its physical self. We can think of this as the separation of the orange juice from its pulpy body and outer shell.
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2. How do you get the juice to separate from the pulp?

This can only be done with a centrifugal, masticating or cold press juicer. (You can also blend your ingredients and strain as well but we will use the machines for this example) So with apple juice as an example, first you would need to pull out your handy dandy juicing machine. Next rinse and cut your apples into small slices. Lastly, push your apples through the juicer with your plunger and watch the juice shoot out one way and the pulp will shoot out the other way both into jugs and then your done. Oh yes... one more step!
Take a sip of that FRESH APPLE JUICE!

-3. How long will my juice last?

The shelf life on Raw Juice is 4 days. Now here at Julian's Juicebox, all juice is frozen immediately upon being made so that all of your vitamins and minerals are preserved until you receive your package. When kept frozen, fresh juice will store for up to 6 months. So whenever your ready to consume just set your juice out to thaw and you should be good to go in about 2-4 hours. Once your juice is thawed and opened you will want to consume it within the 4 days.
4. Will I lose weight on a cleanse?
We don't recommend using the cleanses to lose weight and believe they should be used for cleansing and internal healing but those who have used the cleanses for the sole purpose of losing weight have surely done so.
5. How many juices should I drink per day?
Your situation and goals will determine how many juices you should drink per day. If you are doing a juice only cleanse, we recommend drinking 6 bottles of juice per day with water or coconut water in between each bottle. If you're doing a cleanse where you still are consuming foods, we recommend 3 bottles per day, one first thing in the morning after a few sips of water, one in the afternoon after lunch has digested and one an hour before bed followed with a few sips of water right before bed.
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