Why Juice?!

Juicing is the new and improved way of getting loads of Fruits & Vegetables into your Diet Daily!

With the Health & Wellness wave coming in HOT, juicing is becoming more and more popular! Why? Because you can get in 5 to 10 to 20 times (or more) of your daily vitamin and mineral intake on juices! For example, one 'Apple A Day' contains 8 apples!!! If one Apple a day will keep the doctor away, imagine what 8 will do! Plus, it's already broken down for you into a liquid form for rapid absorption giving you INSTANT benefits!

My Mission is to share the wondrous benefits of juice that have transformed my health as well as many others!

No need to worry about going shopping for produce, prepping, making the juice, and then cleaning it all up. That's what I’m here for. All you have to do is crack open your juice, drink up and feel your body fill up with the light these foods have in them!

Your juice will be either delivered to you personally by myself or shipped to you if you're not local!

Whether it's your home or your workplace, I will bring your juice right to you. If you're not local you can still order as I offer Nationwide Shipping which takes on average 1-3 days to arrive after your order is shipped out. No worries about your juice going bad either, the bottles are frozen immediately after being made locking in all of those vital nutrients and then packaged with heat resistant material to ensure for a safe and chilly travel! Learn more about the shipping process HERE.


What to do once you get your juice!

When your package arrives, I suggest either drinking immediately (IF thawed out by then) or reinserting into the bottles into the freezer until you're ready to consume. To thaw, let your juice sit out for a few hours and you'll be good to go. You can also thaw in the refrigerator but will need to plan accordingly as it takes about 24 hours to thaw out with this method. When kept frozen, your juice will store for up to 6 months and will still be fresh and ready to drink at anytime. Once thawed and opened, make sure to consume within 4 days.

Now that you know how it all works, Click Here to head on over to the Delivery/Shipping page and see how to place your order!