The POWER of Juicing

The POWER of Juicing

Juicing for those that aren't fond of the practice is the act of separating the fiber from fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. from the juice contained within them. The result is a concentrated liquid containing an abundance of micro nutrients that when dropped down the hatch can give the body the cleansing it needs to stay pure and resistant of toxins, the energy and focus it needs to get things done, and the drive it needs to push through and crush each day!

So what makes this Juicing thing so powerful you may ask?!

In the world we live in right now, the foods that we eat are already lacking the nutrients that we need! The soils are not what they used to be in the past, the environment is not as healthy as it used to be, and there are so many foods out there that are harmful to our health. (fast food, processed food, etc.)

This is why Juicing is so powerful for our health! We can drink just one Apple Juice and get the health benefits from eating 6 apples! The famous saying is "an apple a day will keep the doctor away." What would 6 apples a day do?!

Also these micro nutrients from the fruits and vegetables we are juicing are immediately available being that they are already broken down into a liquid form. So it is not uncommon for one to drink a Green Juice and feel an INSTANT boost in energy and focus! At that very moment the juice is being taken in, not even 10 seconds later the blood cells are being overflowed with essential vitamins and minerals that make them work at such a higher rate.

So let's get a little deeper into how the juice works within the body.

For nutrients from food to be utilized in our bodies, they need to be broken down from the solid form they are naturlaly in, into a liquid form. This process allows for the absorption of the nutrients into our blood stream hence giving us the energy we need to get through each day.

Sometime when we eat a meal, we tend to not chew our food all the way right?! (I mean sometimes it's just too good to chew, I'm guilty of this :p) When we do not chew our food all the way, it makes for more work during the digestion process and sometimes the food will not get broken down all the way into that liquid form. If the food never gets to that liquid form then it can never be transferred into the blood steam and we miss out on those nutrients from that food.

So now you may be realizing why juicing is again so powerful!

The entire digestion process is skipped when juicing. Everything is already "chewed" and broken down into that liquid form allowing all of the vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbs, healthy fats, etc. to be bio available to the body.

It's such an amazing process and has helped millions of people transform their health!

So are you HYPED up about juicing yet?! I know I am! I'm ready to drink a Green Juice right now! :)

But seriously, I hope I helped shed some light on this topic for you today. Juicing has transformed my health since I've started in January of 2018 and I intend to juice for the rest of my time here on this lovely planet we call home!

Until next time, I wish you big blessings, radiant health and for ultimate happiness in your life.

Peace, Love & Light,


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